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Memory Foam Bluetooth Sound Musical Pillow Intelligent Pillow

Size :40x60,48x74cm or 20x30" 20x40"etc


Modal No.:JMMP-02

Size :40×60,48x74cm or 20×30″ 20×40″etc

Memory Foam  Bluetooth Sound Musical Pillow with Alpha Wave Music Intelligent Sleeping Pillow

What’s Alpha Brain Wave & Alpha Wave Music?

It’s a theory based on the discovery of Austria’s doctor called Hans Berger in 1929. Different brain waves were

discovered while alpha wave(8-12HZ) is the most favorable brain wave to the human’s brain and sleep because the human being at this stage is most peaceful and relaxed. The Alpha brain wave is also good for meditation ,creative thinking and sporting.

By far, one of the most pleasant and fastest ways to generate Alpha Brain Waves is the Alpha Wave music through the technology of binaural beats. The binaural beats are in the same frequency as Alpha Brain Wave. It stimulates the brain and give the benefits of Alpha Brain Wave at an accelerated rate. Soon, the human brains will be synchronous and coherent with alpha wave music and yield the results.

The following articles can help understand better.

Our MUSIC PILLOW. Combine the Bluetooth earphones with the health pillow. It’s different from the memory foam which has the smell. The inside filling material is soft and loft. The pillow is segmented scientifically to different parts with different density. The part under the neck is with more density to give full support to it. The part inside the square where head lies down is with less density so that the head can lay naturally.  The design matches with the curve of human body and the spine won’t bend. The high quality filling material are so soft that it caresses you like Mom’s hand. The Bluetooth controller is a small square box. It is room saving and very light to carry. The way of connection between the controller and the earphones inside the pillow is plugging. Easy to operate. When charging, plug out and carry the controller away from the pillow.It’s very convenient and safe. International USB makes charging as easy  and safe as playing a game.

The Bluetooth earphones are binaural which excel mobile phones. Some hypnotic effect can be realized only by binaural beats. Listening to the beautiful music without the disturb of the mobile

meters away. You can have a better and more fresh sleep.

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